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Sony NW-WS413, sea-proof headphones on test

LeNW-WS413, Sony's waterproof sports headphones, are very particular for several reasons: first of all because they have an integrated memory of 4 or 8 GB that can accommodate music (not a lot but enough for any activity), then because they are waterproof but above all because they are also suitable for use in salt water (not only the swimming pool, therefore, also the sea).

Not a little freedom for those who do a lot of sport in fairly radical and wet situations: swimming of course, but also boat, canoeing, snorkeling and obviously very physical activities or sports where it is not possible to use the smartphone for music (such as the box) .

We tried them during the beach holidays, in some simple swim and in some more pushed, let's see how it went

Sony NW-WS413 19

NW-WS413, out of the box

The first thing you learn in using the NW-WS413 as, literally, breaking the box: the whole package opens like a small origami offering you all the accessories but at the same time making it impossible to completely close it.

Many accessories: in addition to the headphones (available in four different colors) inside the box there are two sets of rubber pads for the headphones (from dry to wet), the charging cable and the connector, which clings to the headphones for the recharging and which also functions as a connection system to the computer for all operations.

In all fairness we can say that the Content Transfer App for Mac appears unnecessarily complex and rather dated design: once the headphones are connected via USB just copy the songs in MP3 format inside the MUSIC folder in the volume that appears and the App beautiful that outdated.

Buttons gymkhana

Wearing the SN-WS413 at the beginning requires some practice. Although they are in-ear headphones, they are bigger than a normal pair of sports earphones, and above all they have a rigid structure in the headband that makes things not easy. None of that, but we need to learn how to wear them in the best way, as well as choose the right pad by trying on a pair.

Once you put them on you start the Gym of buttons to control the playback. Several audio feedbacks help after each button, and a female voice warns after turning on and before turning off. Although complex, all are positioned on the headphones (therefore invisible once worn), they are learned immediately starting from those related to reproduction and volume.

The battery performance is good, considering the work it has to do: 8 to 12 hours of continuous music, which we can substantially support, according to our tests on shorter and more occasional sections.

Sony NW-WS413 17