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"Shaq" loves Apple: video

"Shaq" loves Apple: the video – logomacitynet1200wide 1

A champion MP3 player. This could be the next iPod slogan to read the news coming from the USA. The device, which is becoming increasingly popular, was in fact seen in the hands of Shaquille O'Neal. The Los Angeles Lakers center that appeared on sports television, Fox Sports, while training in the gym listened to music using iPod. We remember that Shaquille O'Neal, familiarly known as "Shaq", at the moment with Micheal Jordan the best known of the American players basketball. Two consecutive victories in the NBA O’Neal title, he is also one of the most popular figures in the world of American sport, a true idol for kids. The fact that O'Neal uses an iPod obviously means that he has a Mac at home, a platform quite popular with Lakers as Fox Sport later showed Sumaki Walker and Jelani McCoy to enter an Apple Store, to be precise in the Mall of America. Here they also bought one iPod each. Now the video of the "event" is online on an Apple Fan site: on this page and perhaps not for long.

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