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Rich software kit for the G4

Rich software kit for the G4 – logomacitynet1200wide 1

For some days the first G4s of the new generation have been starting to arrive in the hands of Italian customers. Macitynet has already published images (on this page) and reports from its readers on the subject. In the last few hours some of them have signaled us a detail, always already reported on our site but which still deserves to be communicated, on the software equipment accompanying the PowerMac 2002 edition. Included in the package, in addition to a CD with iPhoto that has not been, evidently possible to burn with the other "i" applications, there is a CD that contains several packages for Mac OS X. It is ArtDirector Toolkit , a tool for sources and colors, PixelNhance, an application capable of performing some missing function to iPhoto, SnapzPro, the application to create OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner graphics, TopCalculette Pro, a preview version of FaxSTF and a trial version of FileMaker 5.5. All these applications are for Mac OS X and licensed (no pop up with registration request, therefore). In addition we also find a version for Mac OS Classic of Graphic Converter, this time in Italian version. Obviously they continue to be present on other CD also traditional Apple applications. All this makes the software of the new G4 one of the richest in recent times.

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