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Review Mpow Freebang, speaker for outdoor parties, which recharges smartphones and tablets

Who said that portable speakers must necessarily be small? Mpow Freebang tries to dispel this myth and offers a large transportable bluetooth speaker: it won't fit in your pocket or bag, but it can be particularly useful for garden or outdoor parties and thanks to the built-in 4400 mAh battery it also allows you to recharge smartphones and tablets. On Amazon it costs 65.99 euros on Amazon.

How done

The most obvious feature of the MPow Freebang is its size: it measures approximately 21.4 x 19.6 x 6 cm and weighs 1.2 kg. These are data that are difficult to read on portable blueooth speakers, but which immediately show the possible uses of this Peripheral Suitable for outdoor parties, perhaps in the garden or for use on the beach or at sea under an umbrella. Thanks to an easily transportable rubber handle, despite generous weight and measurements, while the completely rubber coating makes the hold pleasant and safe. The grill stands out on the entire front surface, below which a blue background can be glimpsed: a rewarding aesthetic choice, which makes the speaker rather elegant and modern in style. On the upper part there are rubber buttons, through which it is possible to match the case, increase / decrease the volume and change the music tracks. On the back, hidden under a small rubber tab, also the MicroUSB inputs to recharge the speaker, a standard USB input to recharge external devices such as smartphones and tablets, and a 3.5mm jack input for wired connection. The aesthetics, therefore, particularly simple and clean, and despite the fact that the box does not go unnoticed, has a pleasant appearance.

Mpow Freebang

The rubber coating, especially in the USB and MicroUSB connectors, make the case an IPX5 device, ensuring its correct operation even in the presence of water splashes. You can not dive, but you can listen to music by the pool, or by the sea or, why not, in the shower. The materials are certainly good, but the rubber attracts a lot of dust and dust: keeping it perfectly clean will be no small feat.

How it sounds

The Mpow speaker provides 5W and ensures a powerful and particularly high volume. This means that the device can also be used correctly in large outdoor spaces, to animate parties, or even in particularly large rooms. Satisfactory sound quality, with particularly clean sound, which does not crackle and does not distort even at higher volumes. Any musical genre we tested has always returned a pleasant listening quality: the instruments are always well recognizable, the sound is deep, full-bodied, enveloping and precise. There are also bass, more than enough for a portable speaker: easy to listen to and distinguish them, especially when you decide to turn up the volume.

The voice of the singers stands out on the background instrument in an equally precise way. In short, the sound quality of this truly satisfying Freebang, while always remembering to be in front of a peripheral, all in all economic and certainly not comparable to systems of a different caliber. Certainly, it sounds better than the 20/30 euro speakers, and for this reason alone the price of 65.99 euro requested is widely justifiable. If you add the possibility of recharging external devices, it is really an interesting device.

Bluetooth 4.1 ensures a timely pairing with any type of smartphone or tablet, allowing a range of about 10 meters. There in which the case certainly has the better than many other products of the same type, as mentioned above, the integrated battery of 4,400 mAh. In addition to allowing music playback that goes well beyond 10 hours, it also allows you to recharge smartphones and tablets. And in fact, the USB socket located on the back, and hidden by the rubber tab, allows you to supply current to an external device, naturally without interrupting playback.


Although apparently of a somewhat problematic size, Freebang really has its own why. Easily transportable thanks to the bag design, perfect for animating outdoor parties or very large spaces. The sound quality is certainly appreciable, with a sound that is almost always precise and very full-bodied. The ability to recharge smartphones and tablets while listening to music represents the icing on the cake: imagine yourself already under the umbrella listening to music and using your smartphone without worrying about running out of battery.

It costs 65.99 euros on Amazon and can be purchased directly from here.


  • Well built
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Sounds good
  • Resistant to splashing water
  • Recharge smartphones and tablets


  • The rubberized material attracts dust

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