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Photoshop for Mac OS X next Monday?

marzo 21, 2020

Photoshop for Mac OS X next Monday? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Adobe could present Photoshop 7 as early as Monday. Some sources from the Internet claim it by citing journalistic sources that would have received certain information about it from Adobe itself. In particular, the Swedish site "macnytt" publishes a page in PDF that apparently is part of a package. information drafted for the benefit of the collaborators of IDG, the company that prints some major IT magazines, and which contains details on both the characteristics and the timing of the release of the package. Among these worthy of mention, and from what we learn by reading the article in question, the presentation of Photoshop on February 25. If the information disseminated were correct it would mean that Adobe would have anticipated the times compared to the most recent forecasts by deciding to present the package in the context of the Seybold of New York which opens right at the beginning of next week. The Seybold the main review of the DTP and is held in two editions, one on the west coast and one on the east coast. We remember that Photoshop 7, whose one demo had been seen in San Francisco during the Steve Jobs keynote, has among its main features compatibility with Mac OS X and is considered one of the key programs for the diffusion of the new operating system.

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