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Person: avatar with your face (or your friends) on iPhone and touch

Person: avatar with your face (or your friends) on iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Thanks to the camera integrated in the iPhone, we can take a photograph of friends and colleagues and then associate it with our contacts. With iPod touch we can remedy the absence of the camera by cutting out the portraits of our contacts from the iPhoto photographs. If in any case we want to give a more personal touch to our online identity and also to our contacts in memory, let's take a look at the Persona Avatar creator program developed by the very Italian Alfonso Bozzelli. The system offered by this program very similar to that developed by Nintendo and implemented in the Wii for the creation of avatars in the console. The user can quickly create stylized portraits and caricatures drawn by combining the various ready-made elements that make up the face.

With the classic iPhone-style sliding wheel it is possible to choose the various elements of the face such as eyes, mouth, face shape, hair and beard arrangement if necessary and so on. For each of these elements, the program offers dozens of ready-made elements: round or more oval eyes, narrow and wide, the same goes for the overall shape of the face. By choosing between the ready-made shapes and combining the various elements, you can build our portrait or that of our contacts in seconds. Once the work is completed, you can immediately associate it with the contacts in the address book or set the use of our portrait in chat and messaging programs. Alternatively, we can import portraits created with Persona into iPhoto by synchronizing the paperback with our computer, and then also use them on a Mac or PC.

Persona Avatar creator available on the App Store at a price of 2.39 euros.

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