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Parachute Panic, let's save the paratroopers with the multitouch

Parachute Panic, we save paratroopers with multitouch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Parachute Panic is a game for iPhone and iPod touch that makes simplicity its strong point, from all points of view.First of all the graphic aspect, dominated by a manual, stylized and minimalist trait, with a squared notebook background and details. almost non-existent. A conscious choice that will make graphic purists turn up their noses, but that may not be a problem for those who go beyond the aesthetic aspect.

The concept of the game is just as simple: it will be necessary to guide the courageous paratroopers in the portion of the sky represented by the multitouch screen, to bring them to land safely on the ships that sail the waves below. It will be necessary to protect them from various dangers, such as helicopter blades, lightning bolts of threatening solitary clouds, friendly passing aliens or hungry sharks.

An essential and sober game, which can in any case give carefree moments given the effectiveness of the gameplay and the particular graphic aspect. Parachute Panic on offer at a cost of 0.79 euros, and downloadable by clicking on this direct link to the App Store.

Below a youtube movie that presents the game

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