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Palm will advance $ 50 million in the Graffiti case

Palm will advance $ 50 million in the Graffiti case – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Second defeat for Palm in the confrontation that opposes it to Xerox on Graffiti technology. A federal judge has in fact ordered that the Santa Clara company deposit a surety for 50 million dollars, about 60 million euros, with a bank as security in case the sentence received at first instance is also confirmed on appeal. follows the sentencing in the first instance in which Palm was found guilty of infringing Xerox's rights with Graffiti who had previously developed a similar technology called Unistrokes. The judge dismissed Xerox's request for the blocking the sale of PDAs with Graffiti incorporated, in fact all the PDA products of Palm.Palm has repeatedly reiterated that it is in no way guilty of the accusations of Xerox. Also yesterday, CEO Eric Benhamou rejected the hypothesis that Graffiti depends in some way on Unistrokes: "People have used symbols for thousands of years as part of writing. Xerox did not invent the alphabet

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