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Palm Pre and iTunes: won't friendship last long?

Palm Pre and iTunes: won't friendship last long? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Any non-Apple device capable of communicating with iTunes must use software that acts as an intermediary in the communication between the device, the Mac and iTunes. For this simple reason, yesterday's discovery in which the first examples of Palm Pre have shown that they can communicate directly with iTunes once connected to the Mac has caused a certain uproar. After this, the Pre can receive and synchronize music, photos and videos. , just like an iPhone or iPod. More: in some screens circulating on the Web it is clear that iTunes sees the Palm Pre just as if it were an iPod, indicating its name and icon on the screen of connected devices.

Jon Lech Johansen, better known as DVD Jon, the hacker who went down in history for creating DeCSS, the first software capable of overcoming DVD protections, offered a detailed technical explanation of how Palm managed to communicate directly the new Pre with iTunes. The technical details are described in a post published on your official blog.

In summary, the Palm Pre sends to iTunes, via the USB connection, codes that identify the manufacturer and the type of device connected, identical to those used by Apple for iPod. In addition, the Pre has been programmed to respond to precise personalized commands, always via USB, which iTunes sends to iPod. In essence, the programmers of the Pre have disguised the new smartphone to respond and communicate with iTunes making the program believe that it is just an iPod. According to the former hacker Johansen, self-taught software engineer and specialized in reverse engineering on data processing and format, it is very likely that in an upcoming version of iTunes Apple will prevent and block this Pre function without much effort.

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