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Opera surpasses Safari and becomes the number 1 mobile browser

Opera surpasses Safari and becomes the number 1 mobile browser – logomacitynet1200wide 1

In May, the Opera Mobile navigation program for mobile phones reached a market share of 24.6%, exceeding the 22.3% held by Safari on the iPhone. For the first time, Opera's mobile browser exceeds the percentage of users who use Safari on the iPhone. Despite the hype raised by the news and the word of mouth unleashed on the Web, the reasons appear easily explainable and practically obvious.

First of all Opera Mobile can work on a substantial number of mobile phones from different manufacturers: not only smartphones and advanced devices but also medium-low range phones available in much higher quantities than the smartphone category in which iPhone falls. Rolf Assev himself, responsible for the strategies at Opera, declares that smartphones represent only 10% of the internal mobile phone market.

Still worth considering that the StatCounter company that examines a traffic of 10 billion web pages per month and published the new Opera Mobile record, does not take into account the percentage of users who access the Web using iPod touch, on which a version of Safari Mobile identical to that of iPhone. The exclusion naturally due to the creation of a statistic that includes only mobile phones. In any case, Aodhan Cullen, CEO of StatCounter underlines how, also including the share of iPod touch users, Safari Mobile remains the most used mobile browser, in fact alone the most advanced ipod users represent 14.9% of the internal market.

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