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On2 comes forward: VP5 better than MPEG-4

On2 comes forward: VP5 better than MPEG-4 – logomacitynet1200wide 1

50% faster than previous versions, perfect image quality in any type of situation and, above all, no "fees" for streaming images, both via the Internet and any other media. These are the characteristics with which On2 Technologies has officially presented VP5, the new implementation of the VP Codec capable of compressing and distributing moving images to potential customers and consumers. The timing chosen for the launch of VP5, heir to the VP4 and VP3 datatars. .2, leaves no room for doubt about On2's willingness to attack VP's main competitor, MPEG-4, from the front. In recent days, contextually to the announcement by Apple of the completion of a version compatible with the new implementation of the MPEG system, of QuickTime, a bitter controversy arose at the margins of the rights and costs for its use. Apple itself has announced that it cannot release the new QT due to the excessive hesitation of the MPEG LA consortium which manages its license costs. In particular, Apple and other members of the ISMA (Internet Streaming Media Alliance) do not share the request for a payment for every hour of data transmitted. The lack of this "fee" is one of the essential points of the On2 policy which it says is available to accept. the conditions of the ISMA to make VP the standard par excellence in the transmission of images via the Internet. According to the CEO of On2 VP5 able to transmit higher quality images with lower bandwidth than both MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Real 8, Windows Media 8 and QuickTime 5. Meanwhile MPEG LA, which holds the rights of the various technologies to MPEG-4 base, reiterated in an official response that considers it right that if those who operate a transmission using MPEG-4 are paid for this transmission, also those who have the rights to the technologies will be paid. "In any case – added MPEG LA in several messages sent to users who complained about the payment policy in force today – any discussion on the matter remains open. Our position is to discuss it with all those who will have something constructive to tell us. After all, we are only at the beginning. The license terms were announced for the first time only on January 31 and many details have yet to be spelled out and put in black and white. "

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