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Nvidia, sweet-bitter balance

Nvidia, bitter-sweet balance – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Record results for Nvidia. The Santa Clara company posted a turnover of $ 499.9 million for the fiscal quarter which ended at the end of January with a 129% increase over the same quarter the previous year. Proforma profits are $ 106.4 million compared to $ 39.1 million the previous year. Earnings per share were $ 0.41 per share versus 0.19 the previous year. Revenue for the year ending January was $ 1.37 billion versus $ 735 million. of the previous year; the state increase of 87%. Full year profits were $ 264.7 million versus $ 130.3 million for the year ended January 2001. To ensure good performance, Nvidia points out, the X-BOX debut of Microsoft who brought 17% of the turnover to the cash register. In the past, however, Nvidia has repeatedly stressed the relevance of the Mac world in its range of offerings. At the moment Nvidia's chips are on all Cupertino desktop machines including the cutting edge, the iMac LCD.Note, however, that the good news did not help Nvidia's list. Indeed during the day of Friday the shares of the company closed with a strong fall. The reasons are to be found in an investigation opened by the SEC, the commission that monitors the regularity of Wall Street exchanges.At the moment an investigation is opened which, from accusations of insider trading addressed to some managers of Nvidia, extends to clarify the behavior kept by the company in recording profits over the past years We remember that Nvidia was one of the very few technology companies to have posted profits and growth in the balance sheets during 2001.

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