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No more peaceful sleep with Bed Bugs on iPhone and touch

No more peaceful sleep with Bed Bugs on iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The new Bed Bugs game boasts an exceptional pedigree: it was created by Igloo Games, the same as Dizzy Bee and Dizzy Bee 2 which have met with huge success on the iPhone and touch.

While Dizzy Bee entirely managed thanks to the accelerometer, the new Bed Bugs is an action title that takes full advantage of the touch-sensitive screen. While the mustachioed protagonist goes through well-made dream scenarios, hordes of imaginary insects of different species do everything they can to wake him up. We have the task of exterminating the horrifying and at the same time nice insects using all possible fingers. Some insects must simply be touched to be crushed, others divide into two identical insects, still others must be "pressed" by making them inflate slowly until they explode and so on. Each type of insect requires a particular technique to end its existence: thanks to the multi touch screen we will find ourselves doing acrobatics in an attempt not to tangle our fingers. We forgot: in the midst of insects, screens where you can catch the mythological sheep preparatory to sleep, cows to shake to make the cowbell that wear around the neck and several other amenities always made with a nice and nice graphics can happen.

Bed Bugs proposed at 1.59 euros from this App Store page. After the screenshots, at the bottom of this article, we report the YouTube video showing the functioning of the game.

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