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New standard for DVD?

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New standard for DVD mastering on the horizon. To present and make it their own should be: Sony, Philips, Samsung, Hitachi, Matsushita Electric, Pioneer, Sharp, LG Electronics and Thomson Multimedia, in fact all the major protagonists of the world of consumer electronics. The news was released today in preview by some Japanese media according to which the details of the initiative will be revealed later today, at a press conference convened specifically. At the moment there is no other information available, neither technical nor strategic. It seems reasonable to think that this is the attempt to unify, on the basis of a common agreement, the three standards that today dominate the DVD market: DVD-RAM (now in use only in some very specific niches), DVD + RW According to many observers, the fragmentation of the standards at the moment is the factor of greatest concern for the spread of DVD burners and an element that prevents a rapid reduction in costs. According to the same sources that have spread the news the new recording standards should debut between the end of 2003 and the beginning of 2004 and also determine an increase in the capacity of recordable DVDs that would reach up to 30GB We remember that at the moment among the companies that more than others are pushing on authoring DVD there is Apple who uses Pioneer Superdrives.

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