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New iPhone, from the east photos of the compass and autofocus?

New iPhone, from the east photos of the compass and autofocus? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The application that manages the iPhone's digital compass and the autofocus system of the new camera. Here are the latest leaks, this time with pictures, bouncing from the east. To publish the screen shots the Hong Kong Umpcfever site that claims to have had access, it is not clear how a pre-release version of the new phone.

The images presented on the site until a few hours ago (the news was apparently deleted) seemed to be quite reliable. In one you noticed a camera pointing system with a square that dragged with your finger tells the software the point on which the lens must focus. In a second you could clearly see the interface of the magnetometer, i.e. the mentioned digital compass.

Both the lens focus system and the magnetometer are two of the most anticipated functions of the new iPhone. That they are included in the next version of the phone, therefore not improbable, and the interface shown by Umpcfever seems rather consistent. The reasons why, according to the Chinese website, Apple will introduce these functions are a little less convincing: the compass is certainly not implemented primarily to help those who are trekking but to support complex localization applications and autofocus will most likely be used in combined with software for video shooting (perhaps even in high definition).

Having said that the photos seem reliable even if the interpretation of the features leaves a little to be desired, it remains to be understood why, once the iPhone was in hand, the author of the article was forced (as we read) to take pictures so blurry as to be readable only with great difficulty.

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