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New iPhone: Asahi Kasei supplies Apple with the magnetometer

New iPhone: Asahi Kasei supplies Apple with the magnetometer – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The digital compass or better the magnetometer, one of the new components whose traces the iPhone 3.0 traces have already identified several days ago. New recent discoveries within a folder dedicated to the management of the magnetometer have allowed the developers to trace the company that supplies Apple with the hardware component for this new function which, by now without any doubt, be part of the third generation iPhone: the discovery was published by the AppleInsider website.

Several files and headers bear the name of Asahi Kasei and the component signed AK8973, a magnetometer integrated in a single chip with a surface of 4 square millimeters and equipped with 16 pins for connection with the iPhone motherboard. This is the magnetometer, a real digital compass that will allow the system to always know the orientation of the device and consequently the orientation of the user. The Japanese company Asahi Kasei specializes in chemistry, materials sciences and in various other fields including electronics.

According to AppleInsider, Asahi Kasei has previously been Apple's supplier in the past, perhaps due to the indicators of immersion in liquids that Cupertino has installed in an increasing number of pocket devices. These indicators allow the assistance service to verify whether the hardware failure was caused by the spillage of liquids, therefore a user error not covered by the warranty.

Thanks to the introduction of a magnetometer, the new iPhone will offer even more advanced new services and location functions: it will always be able to display our direction of travel, offer information on commercial activities or places of tourist interest that we are observing and much more.

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