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New iPhone, a super device for jogging and trekking?

Will the new iPhone also have support for the Nike + kit among the new features? Traces discovered in the new iTunes 8.2 seem to say yes and an AppleInsider reader discovered it. What at first glance seems to be rather concrete evidence of the integration of jogging accessories emerges from the software code strings.

The integrated support of the kit, meaning with this or the direct compatibility with the sensor or the support to a transmitter, would not be a shocking novelty in light of the latest choices made at Apple. The new iPod touch supports Nike + directly, without the need for another component and the same thing could happen for the iPhone. The only problem to be solved in the management of the calls that must have priority over the recording of the workout without interrupting it.

Compared to iPod touch, the iPhone would have a concrete and interesting advantage in the relationship with Nike +: the presence of GPS. Thanks to satellite positioning, the kit could perform much more advanced functions: actually measure your speed and routes, record them on a map, prepare workouts and have a sophisticated feed back. In practice, iPhone could take the place of the many GPS for trekking and jogging at a much lower cost, multiplying the functions of the device.

In addition to the code that points to Nike + support, references to FM radio support have also emerged in iTunes 8.2. It is not clear if it is only the possibility of identifying the tracks transmitted by an external accessory to buy them on iTunes, a reference to iTunes radios or the presence of hardware that can receive or even transmit in FM. FM radio on the iPhone has been talked about for some months, when it was discovered that a Broadcom module used, most likely, by the new iPhone can also operate as an FM radio. In the past, Apple has never integrated this feature into its devices although the processors used support it and it would be quite surprising if it decided to do it right now.