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Myfox Home Alarm and Security Camera review: security and privacy in the foreground

Smart alarm systems are now on the agenda and thanks to the spread of always-connected telephones and wireless mesh-type technologies allow us to install detection sensors even without building interventions. One of the most interesting brands in this sector is the French MyFox, which introduced one of the first smart alarm systems since 2009 and which we learned about at the latest consumer electronics events between Berlin and Las Vegas and stands out at a glance for the absolute care of the design of its products that are connected to a lowered cylindrical shape applied to a multiplicity of dimensions ranging from the camera to the keyfob (the remote control to be inserted in your key ring) and from the element that bridges the wi-fi connection to the siren for interior.

What Macitynet has tried a two-part system that can work independently or be connected to provide maximum protection and control of your home: the first Myfox Home Alarm, a system includes an IntelliTAG sensor for doors and windows, a 110 dB siren, a hands-free badge ”for automatic disarming and a Link (wireless Internet connection hub) with a retail price of 299 Euros and the second a wide angle camera with IP connection, Myfox Security Camera (from the cost of 199 Euros to the public) which allows you to always keep the house under control while also protecting privacy as it is equipped with a remote controlled mechanical shutter. Let's see how the two packages work individually and in combination.

myfox home

The packaging

The two MyFox products arrived in two packs of obviously different sizes but which share a love of detail that is difficult to find in similar products: access to the products contained inside an experience in itself seen ease of opening and the layered arrangement of providential cards and containers where each object has a place with optimized space management. In our unpackaging gallery you will find the details of the contents and you will be able to detect by yourself the extreme care that has been taken in designing every single component of the package that corresponds, as we will see, also to a consistent and clear graphics of the Control App (on iOS and Android).

In the alarm system package we find the first Keyfob, a cylinder with reduced thickness, the radio control that will allow us to manage the methods with which to activate the detection of door opening and movement and also signal the presence of one of the owners or someone authorized to enter at home, the second step that of bridge o links: also here we have a lowered cylindrical shape and a connector on the base to which we can combine a power adapter with European, UK or USA sockets to position it between our Wi-Fi router, alarm sensors and siren: it will also be our means to manage the alarm from the smartphone and check the signals when the system detects a movement or an intrusion.

In the package we tested the sensor Intellitag it was only one: a small rectangular box with the possibility of being placed on a window frame through a double-sided tape: thanks to the power supply it can be placed on any door or window of the house close enough to the bridge we mentioned above.

The fourth component in the package is the most bulky and always has the shape of a lowered cylinder: the siren powered by large flashlight batteries that allow it to be placed anywhere in the home but always where the radio link with the effective bridge: inside we find a 110 dB siren with modular and selectable sounds that will serve as a bollard for intruders and as a reminder or alarm for those who stay at home or have the task, closely, to watch over our safety: obviously when the alarm goes off we are warned through the smartphone.

The fifth component of the system is not inside the box: the MyFox app for iOS and Android that we used to initialize the system and of which we show you several screens below.

The camera and the trick for privacy.

My Fox security Camera as we said sold separately and can also work independently of the alarm system while sharing the same control software: here too it is a lowered cylinder which thanks to an adapter is placed with a knife and shows on the external surface a window, closable with a self-propelled element that will allow the lens and the motion detection system to work in combination with the wide-angle lens on board. The shutter effect ensures a fundamental function and as far as we know it is exclusive for an IP camera: the interruption of the video recording which becomes manifest for those framed by the camera.

The idea of ​​losing one's privacy is certainly a deterrent for those who want to install a camera-based alarm system: why should we be spied on at home by ourselves or by other members of our family? And how could privacy be protected if someone managed to enter the scene viewing system or took possession of our mobile phone without us realizing it?

My Fox security Camera effectively answers the question and the request for privacy with the possibility of closing the window on our way on command and of having direct evidence of it. Here below the relative unpacking

The software and installation

Let's talk first about the software and the positioning of the system for a reason: the App on iOS and Android not only a management system of the alarm system but also an excellent guide that takes us step by step to discover the individual components and to place them in the right corners of the house . We thought to make you take a tour in the configuration operations which are very self-explanatory and in many cases do not require comments. The first part concerns the installation of the alarm system carried out on Android and the second part that of the camera carried out on iOS from which we also managed the settings for the presence connected to the Keyfob and installation.

The installation of the camera alarm system on Android and iPhone: the images below are very clear and illustrate the whole procedure step by step to get to the final result without external intervention.

The installation of the camera and access management on iOS. As you can see, the notices are also delivered on Apple Watch to be always ready for any eventuality or to know in real time the return home of a family member.

In particular, we like to report the camera interface: one of the best available on the market that shows not only the timeline on the screen but also adds to it with a graphic trick the interval in which the device has detected a movement and allows you to position yourself in correspondence without wasting time reviewing minutes and minutes of footage. If you have activated the subscriptions of about 5 Euros per month you have a full day recording available otherwise you can manage the live visualization when a signal is sent to your smartphone.

The system at work

We have experimented with the system for several weeks and fortunately without letting it come into play for a real theft but on trial days we have forced the operation of both the door sensor and verified the effectiveness of the camera with the alarmed system: the efficiency is unquestionable and the The internal siren, although powered by battery, has carried out its task of attracting the attention of the neighborhood very well and above all allowed to alarm the people present in other rooms of the house. Excellent as remote operation was to be expected with ready alerts also on Apple Watch. If the house is managed by more than one person in the family, it is possible to have notices for the whole circle that we have established a priori.

What pleasantly surprised us about the efficiency of the system as a “traffic” detector for access to the home: thanks to the personalized badge or the connected telephones we have the possibility to evaluate what time the children return and even to check if they have returned from a Saturday with friends without even getting out of bed or checking directly in the room.

The management of the footage of the handy camera: the filmed field is very wide and the navigation both in live and in the shots taken in the particular timeline are practically difficult to find on competitor products.

In the use of the system in the first days of testing, access to all the features free of charge while if you want to go beyond the live footage and keep a daily or weekly recording of the footage there is a relatively low monthly fee to pay (see table below).

myfoxprezzi "width =" 1143 "height =" 480 "srcset =" 1143w, wp-content / uploads / 2016/07 / myfoxprezzi-480x202.jpg 480w, 1024w "data-lazy-sizes = "(max-width: 1143px) 100vw, 1143px" src = "" /></p><p>The "curtain" on the camera offers an extra chance for positioning in small domestic environments where it is difficult to choose between framing the entrance and also the living room sofa, balancing security and privacy: in fact, the range of possible positions also increases of installation making the product very versatile.</p><p>In recent weeks, while the device was returning to the distributor, a new version of the software became available which allows compatibility with the IFTTT if-then-else rules, making the product compatible with a flood of other home automation systems and smart functions. that we can manage through the smartphone. It is a significant plus for a system that loses the "closing" halo due to a proprietary communication system. The system also certified with the "Works with Nest" brand.</p><h3>Conclusions</h3><p>An alarm system that is easy to install on both iOS and Android with an ultra-comprehensive guide for each step directly in the management app. The accurate graphics and the correspondence with the design of the physical controls are a plus for the clarity of operation of the system which has an additional strength in the camera. The paid options make the camera more versatile but could discourage the choice compared to the free services of the competition. The integration with IFTTT allows you to insert it in an otherwise impossible home automation panarama.</p><h3>Pro</h3><p>System with excellent design and ease of installation and exceptional management. Camera with privacy option and easy navigation in filming.</p><h3>Versus</h3><p>Deferred registration has a monthly cost.</p><h3>Retail price</h3><p><strong>Myfox Home Alarm</strong>, a system includes an IntelliTAG sensor for doors and windows, a 110 dB siren, a hands-free badge "for automatic disarming and a Link (wireless Internet connection hub) has a retail price of 299 Euro in the wide-angle camera with IP connection,<strong>Myfox Security Camera</strong>costs 199 euros to the public. There are also additional kits that include other tags (199 Euros for 5) and keyfob (at 29.99 Euros each) which must be calculated for a global home coverage system or access for other family members. MyFox products are distributed in Italy by ADL.</p><p><img class=