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myCrumbs: you and friends always located on the iPhone

marzo 21, 2020

myCrumbs: you and friends always located on iPhone – logomacitynet1200wide 1

myCrumbs an application developed in Italy that allows you to graphically view the geographical position of our network of contacts, subject to authorization, and to share our position with them in real time. Placeholders or images chosen by the contacts to indicate their current position appear on the myCrumbs map: with a tap you can send an email, send our position to the contact, finally find the best route for a meeting.

All people who wish to use the program must create an account and invite their contacts to participate. Only after confirming the interested people and after receiving their authorization for data sharing, can the position be displayed on the map within myCrumbs. All participants can choose the frequency of automatic position sending or, alternatively, manually send the position only when desired. All the data used and shared by the software, specify the developers, pass through secure and encrypted connections. For a limited period of time myCrumbs available for free on the App Store.

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