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Momit Cool review: remote control the air conditioner for hot and cold

Automating the switching on and off of an air conditioner is not in itself a difficult operation thanks to the programmability of the supplied remote controls but the operation often long and tedious and above all does not spare you unwanted and prolonged starts or does not allow you to pre-heat or pre-cool the environments when you decide to occupy them outside the set hours.

Momit cool represents an immediate solution for installation and management which, while accepting some compromises, manages to offer you a practical and elegant system for remote control of the air conditioner.

The packaging

In the package we find the POD that acts as an infrared receiver / emitter and that communicates directly with the different models of air conditioner, the gateway with Ethernet socket and micro-USB socket for connection to the supplied power supply (similar to that of iPhone but in color black), the micro-USB / USB cable and finally a yellow cable for the ethernet connection to the router.

cool momit

The pod is a triangular parallelepiped with curved corners and the logo m inscribed in a rhombus behind which a light blue halo appears when active, on the back we find already placed with 3M adhesive a male and female of white Velcro that we will need to attach and detach the pod from the air conditioner; the gateway is a simple black box with a micro USB socket (for power supply) and an Ethernet for connection to the router (thanks to the short yellow cable supplied).

On the gateway there are 3 bright lights which reveal ignition, internet connection to one or more external pods that can be managed by the same control unit with power savings, various adapters, dimensions etc. There is no Wi-Fi connection between the gateway and your router.

The installation of Momit Cool

The installation procedure is the strength of Momit Cool: just connect the gateway to USB and power supply and to your router with an ethernet socket available and download the application on the App Store and Play Store looking for momit cool. YES launch the application, register on the Momit website and then activate the recognition of the devices, first the gateway and then the pod, through their QR Code or by entering the serial number.

From this point on, it is possible to configure the remote controls by choosing first if our air conditioner manages hot and cold and then following the tracks provided on the screen (in Italian) that guide the configuration.

As we said, the system (at least at the moment) only manages temperature and on and off: the management of the swipe of the fan entrusted to the first time we adjust the air conditioner. There is no possibility to activate dehumidification or other specific features of the various models.

Below you will find the sequence of commands needed to start from scratch.

The software

The software is very nice and will allow us to manage the basic settings of the air conditioner and make programming easier. Since the installation does not provide for the management of particular parameters, immediate access to adjustments and also provides for the installation of secondary receiver-pods all managed by the main gateway.

Unfortunately, during the installation phase we encountered some communication errors with the software (translated almost completely into Italian) which did not however prevent us from reaching the end of the pod and gateway configuration.

The use of the QR Code on board the two components greatly simplifies the initial phase and allows for trouble-free matching: from then on you can proceed with the settings and adjustments you see step by step in our image gallery.

It should be noted that the Momit Cool software provides multiple devices connected to a single gateway and, given the cost of the single pod without a gateway of 75 Euros, the purchase of secondary receivers is very convenient and allows you to manage an office or home with a complex air conditioning. The limit of the manageable machines is 20 and for each one we can manage ad hoc programming both from our smartphone and from that of the invited users who can be the individual occupants of an office room or of the entire home. We can also manage the presence in the room relating to the individual air conditioner and this will allow us further savings in management.

In addition, the regulation also provides for the management of the hysteresis and that is the response time of the system to the measurement of the required temperature and a compensation of the temperature of the remote control with respect to that evaluated by the remote control already supplied in order to have a common reference and comfort measurement.

At work

As our custom, we tried Momit Cool for a few weeks with a single installation and we must say that it perfectly responded to our needs at least in terms of remote on / off and management of the comfort temperature. The pleasant interface and the almost immediate response even remotely.

The option that allows us to see the latest statistics on the temperature trend in the room is also convenient.

For special adjustments such as fan operation and some features such as dehumidification, you must always refer to the remote control supplied with the air conditioner.

Among other things, the mid-seasons are those in which it is more convenient to have an ad hoc programming for a single day or a switch-on on request given the variability of the weather conditions and the request for both cooling and heating, taking advantage of the characteristics of modern heat pumps that work still in efficiency above 5-8 external degrees.


Economical entry price, expandable with low-cost additional modules, very easy to install


Software still with some bugs and some shortcomings, needs direct connection to router


The ideal Momit solution for those who want to install a remote control system for hot and cold for the air conditioner via smartphone in no time. It only controls temperature and ignition (you cannot manage dehumidifier or other options). Thanks to the control of the hysteresis and the temperature correction it can guarantee correct functioning and can also manage geofencing and differentiated day-to-day programming. It is necessary to have a router with an Ethernet connection in the same room for the gateway or not very far from the infrared pod. For those who are satisfied with a non-extensive control of all parameters, it can be a very interesting choice for the price / performance ratio. We hope momit will soon remedy the application bugs in Italian and activate the section dedicated to saving energy which is already tangible since the air conditioner has more and more flexible programming possibilities.

Retail price

The kit with the gateway and a command module costs € 125 to the public including VAT, the additional pods cost € 75 including VAT each. Momit distributed to the Apple world by Attiva and can be found at Apple APRs or even online on Amazon.