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Millions of dollars crushed grow plants and tomatoes, the video

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Why chop millions of dollars and throw them away? the first question that comes to mind by looking at the video that we report in this article. Impossible to take your eyes off and remain indifferent while you observe immense mountains of crushed dollars.

Why not just save some of the infinite bribes, not so much or not just to take away a whim or a desire for ever, a home, a new car or a super vacation around the planet, but even more so to satisfy primary needs not possible for an increasing number of people? As the CNN video reported by Cnet reveals, the New Orleans Reserve Bank shreds up to $ 6 million every day.

But the market economy works with its own different rules: central banks have always withdrawn worn banknotes, which have become unusable or unsuitable for circulation, to destroy them and replace them with brand new ones. In the past, crushed dollars ended up in landfills, reduced to such small and thin pieces, almost a dust, to make recovery impossible.

The green philosophy has also affected this practice: now the chopped dollars are transformed into compost from which a rich soil is obtained which is then used by urban farmers of the New Orleans metropolitan era. Paradoxically, greenbacks are transformed into vegetables: the special mixture obtained from composting structures is used for crops for agricultural purposes and for the production of food.

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