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Mac OS X updated to version 10.1.3

marzo 21, 2020

For some time there has been rumors of a further small update for Mac OS X, pending the big changes scheduled for the summer with 10.2, and finally, in the night it has been released.

This update which signed 10.1.3 and raises the build version to 5Q45, was not designed to add new features, but to improve the reliability of the applications provided with the Operating System.

The big project of the "Digital Hub" is enriched, therefore, with targeted adjustments that affect the various sectors of video and music. The range of CD recorders recognized by iTunes and the Operating System is increased, for the integrated burning capacity, including the new models of QPS, EZQuest, LaCie, Yamaha, MCE Technologies and Sony. Image Capture and the recent iPhoto increase the digital camera models they can manage, including several Canon, Kodak and Sony products.

Even the criticized side of the graphics, receives specific tweaks, now allowing the reproduction of DVDs on external VGA displays for the PowerBook G4. In addition, laptops now automatically activate the video mirroring function when a new monitor is connected. Also noteworthy are the improvements made to the Open-GL routines that manage the graphic effects of iTunes, in the full-screen view mode.

As for network security, a topic to which our kinship with the Unix world has made us aware, we report the addition of SSL support for the Mail e-mail client, a more recent version of OpenSSH (3.0.2p1), the authentication for LDAP and Active Directory services and finally Digest authentication for WebDAV.

As usual, we suggest that you restore the software originally installed by Mac OS X to their original positions. That is, if you have created, for example, a folder called "internet applications", also moving the Mail program into it, unfortunately the installer of 10.1.3 will not be so smart to examine the entire disk to find it, running the risk of not performing the update entirely.

The approximately 17 MB are available through your "Software Update" letting the Mac do the work for you or for a few minutes with the direct download by clicking on this link.