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Locomotimes Pro, all trains (including delays) on your iPhone

Angurialab has released in recent days the "Pro" version of Locomotimes, an application that does not need much introduction, given the over 25 thousand downloads in Italy. Like the free version, Locomotimes Pro accompanies in the search for a route by train, provides timetables and any changes. In addition, it adds a precious function: the possibility of seeing the situation of a certain race in real time.

This means that thanks to Locomotimes Pro it is possible, for example, to see if the train we want to take late or in advance and all the arrival forecasts in the stations of the route. In addition, information on the intended track is also provided. Thanks to this function, those who use Locomotimes Pro can, for example, know from the office, from home, from a shop, from the stadium while on another train, simply by taking an iPhone (or an iPod touch if out of their pocket) 'Wifi connection) if the train or the connection you intend to take on time or if perhaps due to a delay you can take it a little more comfortable. The Pro version also provides the train number, another useful function to find out more quickly about other information about the ride that interests us.

Locomotimes Pro, like the free version, allows us to access the indexed and filterable list of all the supported stations and to filter the search results by type of train (regional, intercity, Eurostar, High Speed ​​etc.). The information of each result includes the time and the station of arrival and departure, the total duration of the journey, the type of train, the details of all the intermediate changes, an eventual alert indicating whether the solution includes changes with a too short time interval, and first and second class fares.

The search returns all travel solutions, not only those considered optimal. This allows you to include solutions that are sometimes slower, but often cheaper.

A local history of the results is maintained which allows you to consult the searches performed previously, without requiring a new connection

Locomotimes Pro costs 1.59 euros and you can download it from here. The free version, more limited but still useful, available from this link