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Knight Onrush: spectacular "defend the castle" on iPhone and touch

Knight Onrush: spectacular "defend the castle" on iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

There are numerous titles available on the App Store that fall into the genre defend the castle, a game style that is well suited to the functionality of the iPhone and touch. Nobody can boast the same refinement and attention to detail offered by the new Knight Onrush. A quick glance at the game screens or better at the YouTube video below is enough to convince yourself of the high quality of this title. The hordes that try to attack and damage our castle to gain access to it, are composed of colorful characters and all with their own personality. Knights in full armor, made with a wealth of details, hooded assassins armed with dangerous knives, but also magicians, catapults and much more. In this first version of the game there are 11 different types of enemies, each with precise characteristics that therefore require different techniques of defense and attack against us.

It is possible to drag the enemies upwards and then bring them back to the playing field, throw boulders, cannonballs and fire to exterminate entire waves in one shot, throw the most resistant in the air to feed them to the dragon steering wheel that periodically flies over the collision area, accurately aiming for the fall of immense columns that crush and distort the ground and much more. Defense techniques as well as defensive structures can be enhanced between one screen and another until all 12 castles are fully available. First-class graphics and audio effects accompany us for the entire game action. For the next updates the programmers promise more levels, new enemies also flying, bosses at the end of the level and much more.

Knight Onrush proposed on the App Store for 3.99 euros.

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