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Kevlar Lightning RavPower cables review: top resistance

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In the universe of Lightning cables that populate the market for iPhone and iPad accessories, our editorial team has been able to test those of Kevlar-reinforced RavPower, made to last and resist longer than any other cable.

How they are made

The sales package, very thin, contains two cables and simply separates them through a sachet. Identical in appearance, one 90 centimeters long, the other measuring 1.8 meters and making the happiness of those who want to say goodbye to contortions to be able to use iPhone and iPad while they are in charge.

We have compared them with the original Apple since the unpacking in order to better evaluate their differences and affinities. From the first contact, a greater thickness is perceived in the cable (3.5 mm), practically twice as thick as that of Apple. To the touch, the sheath (in TPE) also offers similar sensations even if it is slightly less slippery.

Lightning RavPower Kevlar cables

The connectors are slightly larger and the Lightning one has a small step which ensures correct connection even when using bulky enclosures. Both connectors also offer a small concavit on the sides which improve their grip when connecting or disconnecting from their respective sockets.

Another small advantage compared to the original Apple cable lies in the greater protection of the connectors at the joint with the cable: the rubber that covers both plugs in fact extends for about an inch above the sheath, increasing the resistance in the points that are usually more prone to twisting .

Lightning RavPower Kevlar cables

How are they doing

During our tests we noticed an interesting malleability of the cable. Compared to others, if folded at any point, it maintains more the assigned position. In fact, it is easier to roll it around your fingers and then lock it with a lace and prevent it from unrolling when inserted into a pocket or inside a bag. In this regard, we point out that the 1.8 meter long version offers a tear-off strap to avoid tangling after being curled up.

Lightning RavPower Kevlar cables

We also performed a test to measure the range of the cables, comparing it with that of the original Apple. We didn't notice any particular differences when charging. All three, connected to the same iPhone 6 Plus at 78% charge and by means of the same power supply, transferred 1.65 A. Same fate with iPad mini 3 at 26%, recharged by each at 2.02 A.

Lightning RavPower Kevlar cables


Whoever bets everything on resistance will find in RavPower cables a valid alternative to other similar cables. This is thanks to the Kevlar fiber reinforcements, for which the company has carried out various tests, guaranteeing total operability even after more than 8,000 flexes of the cable. Color and materials are reminiscent of the original Apple cable but the greater thickness of the sheath and the reinforcements at the joints guarantee better durability over time.

Lightning RavPower Kevlar cables

Retail price

To win the final comparison then the price: if all these features would suggest a higher cost, the sales card on Amazon denies the hypotheses. The package, which includes two 0.9m and 1.8m cables, takes you home for 19.99 euros, practically less than the price of the single 1 meter long Apple cable.

Lightning RavPower Kevlar cables