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Is Apple going to launch 4 new iPhones?

Apple has obtained certification for 4 different types of iPhones, 4, 8, 16 and 32 GB. Here is the news that, if confirmed, runs the risk of being the most serious indication of a real revolution that is preparing to debut in the next few days in the sphere of Apple mobile phones. To launch the 'bomb' Engadget who claims to have had direct information from a reliable source. The body from which the indiscretion comes out is the PTCRB (PCS Type Review Certification Board), the body that takes care of the certification of devices as compatible with some mobile operators.

Engadget's indiscretion is apparently confirmed by a shot published by Boygeniusreport showing an iPhone in the list of Fido Solutions, a cellular operator owned by Rogers, Apple's partner in Canada. The image published by the site also mentions the video call (through iChat), which would mean a front camera and therefore, if nothing else, an updated hardware. The price is very interesting: 99 Canadian dollars, about 65 euros, a very attractive price list that could translate to our latitudes in a price below 200 euros if the iPhone was purchased unlocked and without a contract obligation.

The rumors about 4 and 8 GB mobile phones alongside 16 and 32 GB models seem to give credit to those who have long claimed that Apple is preparing to invade with its products also other market segments with less spending power and to respond with smaller products. economic at the time of economic crisis. In particular, the 4 and 8 GB models could be the realization of the expected iPhone 'nano', meaning with this a simpler model in terms of hardware and software, not so much a version with a different form factor as has been claimed by some source until yesterday. The 16 and 32 GB models could instead be imagined as higher-end iPhones, with new processors and some software functions not supported (perhaps even for less powerful hardware) by the 4 and 8 GB models.

The hypothesis of a differentiation in two product ranges for iPhone, as mentioned, a hypothesis in circulation for some time, recently relaunched by the usually reliable iLounge. According to the site, the two models also differ in the speed of the connection: 3G the basic model and 3.5G the higher-end model.

On the other hand, it should be said that Apple could easily launch 4 and 8 GB iPhones at a very reduced price (under $ 100?) Simply by keeping the current models in service with which cosmetic retouching (back is no longer shiny but opaque, for example) and equipping them of a small front camera.

It remains to be seen whether Apple, in this case, will simply differentiate the four models mentioned by Engadget by renewing them under the skin or if it will not take the opportunity to introduce a new design with the 16 and 32 GB models. The impression that operating in this way Apple would further enlarge the market: with the 4 and 8 GB models Cupertino would reach customers with less swollen portfolios, with the 16 and 32 GB models it would stimulate the update cycle by those who have already bought the current versions.

The verification of everything written may not be very distant. WWDC seems to be the most appropriate place to present the news in the iPhone sector. It also seems quite probable at this point that the launch, even if only partially, of the new models may arrive before the beginning of July, the deadline set by most observers for the debut of the renewed range of Apple mobile phones.