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iPhone in China: new clues indicate ongoing developments

iPhone in China: new clues indicate ongoing developments – logomacitynet1200wide 1

In the long journey that will allow Apple to market iPhones in China, not without twists and turns, there are two interesting advances identified in the last few days. The first and most direct is a new staff search published on the Apple website for a Beijing-based Program Manager responsible for managing and supporting the iPhone training program in collaboration with the mobile operators who market the smartphone.

The second clue identified by Macworld concerns an unspecified Apple device that falls within the list of devices authorized to operate on one of the new generation cellular networks that will soon be operating in China. An Apple device capable of operating on Wideband Code Division Multiple Access cellular networks appears on the list of the State Wireless Inspection Center, an industry arbitration body controlled by the government, signed WCDMA that seems to seem to be an iPhone.

While these indications point to important developments for the iPhone landing in one of the most interesting markets in the world in terms of size and growth, experts and analysts point out that the most difficult obstacles that Apple will have to overcome concern both the supported technologies and the relationship and agreements with the China Unicom operator. In the first case it is Wi-Fi: illegal until a few months ago, the latest developments in Chinese legislation seem to have raised numerous obstacles for its adoption. Nonetheless, the entities that supervise the sector seem willing to adopt a supplementary security protocol signed by WAPI. This feature could force Apple to integrate a new chipset into the smartphone, although according to some analysts, a software update could solve the problem.

Finally, the divergences of vision between Cupertino and China Unicom regarding the division of revenues generated and also for the operator's request to integrate ad hoc applications pre-installed on the smartphone remain to be smoothed out, a matter in which Apple requires complete discretion.

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