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iPhone, confirmed the new ARM processors?

iPhone, confirmed the new ARM processors? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Two new staff searches published by Apple on its website seem to reveal some of Cupertino's plans regarding the central iPhone / touch processor, finally highlighting once again integrated advanced video features. The discovery was published on the MacRumors website. The first profile sought by Apple concerns a High Perform / Low Level programmer expert in ARM architecture, in particular ARMv7 Cortex and the NEON vector unit.

NEON the commercial name of a routine capable of speeding up multimedia applications. Comparable to Intel's SSE extensions, the NEON vector unit not available in the ARM processors currently integrated in iPhone / touch, so the search for staff would actually reveal Cupertino's choices regarding the next generations of hardware.

The figure is placed in a general context in which an increasingly imbalanced Apple towards ARM technologies can be glimpsed. Recall that the purchase of PASEmi Cupertino has also set up a team full of real "luminaries" in the sector; among them also Dan Dobberpuhl who was head of the design sector of the first StrongARM processors.

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