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iPhone 3.0: tracks for sharing apps between users

iPhone 3.0: tracks for sharing apps between users – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Thanks to the 5 beta versions of iPhone OS 3.0 released by Apple to the developers, numerous functions have been identified, some anticipated by Cupertino, others never publicly announced. The indiscretion that has been circulating the Web since BusinessWeek falls into the latter category. According to the authoritative financial weekly within the iPhone 3.0 code still in beta, some insiders have identified parts of the code that, once activated and made available by Apple, they will allow users to share the applications installed on their pocket, making them available on the iPhone and touch of other users.

According to the rumors reported by BusinessWeek not only Apple but also Google is studying to implement this type of functionality within Android. The reason that drives the two companies in this direction derives from the growing crowding of their respective online stores for applications, over 35,000 iPhone software, over 5,000 for Android Market. Crowding makes it increasingly difficult to identify the desired or potentially valid game or application for purchase by interested users. In this scenario, the sharing of applications between family, friends and acquaintances would allow a considerable increase in software sales by leveraging the common interests of the group of acquaintances. According to some analysts, the integration of sharing mechanisms could be developed by Apple to the point of even providing a commission for the user. In this hypothesis, a small percentage would be up to the user who, sharing his application, pushed another user to purchase.

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