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iPhone 3.0 at WWDC? Unlikely

iPhone 3.0 at WWDC? Unlikely – logomacitynet1200wide 1

iPhone 3.0 at WWDC? Unlikely. Here is what Macity has been able to learn from some sources close to the world of developers who have contacted our site, on the basis of our article yesterday in which it was assumed a forthcoming launch of the new operating system.

According to Macity's contacts, it would be almost impossible for Apple to declare the work on the iPhone Os finished for several reasons, the main one being the API, defined roughly. In particular, two fundamental characteristics of the new firmware would still be largely incomplete: push notifications and the store kit (i.e. purchases within the applications). As for the first aspect, the documentation is still quite scarce, but above all it is not yet possible to fully test the new features. The state of the Store Kit framework, on the other hand, is classified as 'disastrous': the documentation is almost absent and no developer has yet had the opportunity to test the functionality. The many doubts about this feature, the developers hope, will be clarified at WWDC.

A second important reason is the absolute lack of applications compatible with the new iPhone Os 3.0; currently it is not even possible to send applications for approval with the new firmware. Hard to believe, say Macity's contacts, to think that Apple launches the new firmware without first having a large number of applications available that use the new functions. The operation would be counterproductive.

So, unless there are surprises, the hypothesis of greater thickness remains that of a presentation of the firmware in a semi-definitive version to the WWDC, for a subsequent release. Just at WWDC developers should receive all the information they expect to complete their applications and have in their hands that operating system defined in the details that still await.

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