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iOS 7.1 significantly speeds up the iPhone 4


Speed ​​up iPhone 4 too slow by installing iOS 7.1

As we saw yesterday, the new iOS 7.1 for iPhones, iPods and iPads is now available for download. Though this update blocks jailbreak on many Apple devicesiPhone 4 owners should immediately download and install this update. The reason?iOS 7.1 significantly speeds up the iPhone 4.

When iOS 7 was released, many iPhone 4 owners had complained about a big slowdown that had affected their smartphone: the applications took too long to start, the smartphone was slow in surfing the internet and carrying out all the operations and in general it had become almost unusable.

With the release of iOS 7.1, however, things have changed radically and iPhone 4 returns to being quite fast. We have not returned to the levels of iOS 6, but certainly with iOS 7.1 the iPhone 4 becomes faster and more snappy.

Finally the performance of the iPhone 4 has returned to be reasonable with the latest version of the operating system released by Applethanks to a series of optimizations implemented by Apple. Here is a graph showing the reaction times of iPhone 4 with iOS 6. iOS 7.1 and iOS 7.0. The differences are certainly important, don't you too?

ios 7.1 on iphone 4 speed

As the graph clearly shows, ConiOS 7.1 installed on iPhone 4 The reaction times of the smartphone and the opening of the apps have decreased significantly and consequently increased speed and fluidity. Despite the update, on iPhone 4 we will not find the animations that characterize iOS 7, as we will not also find a series of functions to not make the system too heavy, but in general the operating system is fast and fluid enough to use. Here are the main iOS 7 features that Apple has removed from the iPhone 4 firmware:

  • 3D FlyOver and turn-by-turn navigation
  • Panorama mode and photo filters in the Camera application (filters can be added later)
  • AirPlay Mirroring
  • Siri
  • AirDrop
  • Translucent effects, animated backgrounds and parallax effect

In conclusion, although iOS 6 continues to be the fastest for iPhone 4, with iOS 7.1 the system speed has improved significantly and now we can finally advise you all to download and install this new operating system that Apple has just released. If before we told you not to update to iOS 7, with this update we recommend to all iPhone 4 owners to switch to iOS 7.1: you can enjoy many software news without experiencing major slowdowns on your device.

However, remember that, if after passing adiOS 7.1 you were not satisfied, on iPhone 4 you can always downgrade to return to different versions of iOS,which is not possible on other Apple devices.

Via | ArsTechnica

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