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In 2017 30 GHz processors

In 2017 30 GHz processors – logomacitynet1200wide 1

What will the 2017 processors look like? How fast will they go and what technologies will they use? Very difficult to say today; the speed with which things change and evolve in the semiconductor sector leaves open the most disparate hypotheses and any supposition leaves the time it finds. But if the prediction is made by Intel CEO Craig Barrett, it is at least worth reporting, according to the top executive of the world's leading processor manufacturer, who spoke at the opening speech of the Intel developer conference, in 15 years the chips they will arrive at speeds around 30 GHz with a wafer size of 450-mm in diameter. According to Barrett, the circuitry will be extremely small in size, just 0.010 microns. Recall that at the moment the minimum size reached by the circuitry of the processors used in computers of 0.13 microns.

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