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iMotors: the whole world of cars on iPhone and touch

Thanks to the iMotors application, all fans of the world of four wheels can always have an inexhaustible source of information at hand on all the models offered by the main manufacturers, on the main news and also on the rumors circulating on the Net, all seasoned with the ability to share personal reviews and reviews with other passionate users. First of all, a few numbers: inside iMotors we find a large database containing the alphabetical list of the 65 most important car manufacturers in the world: overall we have the technical data sheet and photographs of over 350 cars, for a total of over 4,500 engines.

For each individual vehicle, the user can write a personal review with a rating expressed up to a maximum of 5 stars. The same operation will soon be possible also in the section of the program dedicated to last minute news, always on the world of cars where we also find the latest rumors. For example, in addition to the announcements and new models under construction, we also find the sightings of the prototypes often photographed by enthusiasts on the roads. In addition to the generous database, iMotors allows you to share opinions and judgments about each individual model with other users and the whole community. For the next update, the programmers announce that the possibility of evaluation and sharing with the community will also be extended to news and rumors.

In addition to the photographs of the cars and the technical data sheet, it is possible to perform complex searches within the entire database by entering the brand, model, horses, maximum speed in KM per hour, horses, engine size and also price. The description of the program on the App Store only indicates the availability of the software in English, in any case in the first start screen iMotors also allows you to choose Italian and German. The entire interface, information and technical data sheets, including search and review modules, are well translated into our language. Recall that in the settings window it is possible to select the preferred unit of measurement from those Anglo-Saxons and those used in Italy. The program is recommended without reservation to all lovers of four wheels but also to those who, for passion or work, always want to have news and information on cars at their fingertips. In our opinion, the only detail that can be improved is the interface and the icons for navigation and access to the various sections of the software, the operation is not always clear, thus requiring a little practice, especially at first use.

iMotors offered at a price of 1.59 euros starting from this App Store page.