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iBomber: become a bomber pilot with iPhone and touch

iBomber: become a bomber pilot with iPhone and touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

As we fly over the game scenario, the iPhone and touch screen turns into the aiming window equipped with a viewfinder used to carefully drop the bombs on the underlying targets. In iBomber we are actually called to play the dual role of pilot and gunner. By tilting our pocket slightly to the right and left, you can make the aircraft veer in the same direction then, when the viewfinder is on an interesting target, just press the virtual release button, reproduced on the touch-sensitive screen. To move faster or to slow down near a target, we tilt the pocket upwards or downwards respectively.

Compared to the many shooters set in the Second World War, iBomber is decidedly more original. The screen does not scroll only in one direction but the player who, controlling the movement of the plane, chooses where to go, moving freely in the scenario that flows in all directions below us. In practice, the iPhone / touch screen turns into a window that allows you to observe islands, beaches, factories, ships and planes: a game world represented with accurate graphics. The launch of the bombs is also convincing: when we press the release button the bomb appears large in the foreground and then gradually becomes smaller during the fall. In the few seconds it takes to get to the ground in the pilot, a little apprehension is created: whether or not to hit the target? Eight scenarios available, all made interesting by the variety of objectives and the panorama.

iBomber available on the App Store at a price of 2.39 euros. Here below, after the screens, we insert the YouTube movie that illustrates how the game works.

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