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How to get VAT refund from Apple when buying a product online (only …


Those who have a VAT number and buy Apple products online can request a VAT refund: here's how

Today we are talking about a fairly common and widespread problem in Italy regarding the purchase of Apple products made directly online on the company's website. In particular, we analyze theproblem of purchases on Apple Store Online and VAT refund for professionals.

In this article, in fact, cwe try to clarify this matter and explain how professionals can ask for a refund of VAT when they buy Apple products online.

Before explaining how to proceed, let us analyze the problem and shed some light, given that different and discordant things are read online.

Let's see what Corriere della Sera says about VAT and Apple products purchased by professionals with VAT numbers.

If a professional with a VAT number wants to buy an Apple product online, he should not pay VAT. Apple Distribution International, in fact, is based in Ireland and sells goods already present on our national territory, realizing, towards buyers, an internal sale and not an intra-community sale. And the rule, as confirmed by the Revenue Agency, is clear: the company cannot forfeit VAT if it sells to a freelancer or a company.

Yet, at the time of purchase, a 22 percent tax is also applied to each customer in the Business section of the Apple site. happened for example to Massimo Zucchelli, an accountant from Rovereto, who before Christmas decided to buy an iPad online. In the hurry to have immediately the product, he made a bank transfer paying also VAT. Then, regarding the law, he realized that the 22% tax was not due and since that time he has written several emails to the managers of the company, but he has not yet received either the invoice or the refund he is entitled to. Therefore it cannot in any way deduct the expenses incurred.

In reality, things are not quite like that so let's see how you can get the VAT refund from Apple when you buy a product online (only for those who have a VAT number).

Forto be able to get a VAT refund, the professional (who therefore already has a VAT number) must carry out these operations:

1. Call and order the product via Apple Business operator (link) on 800 915 911

2. Provide your VAT number, so that the Apple representative can verify its presence on the VIES to order the re-credit of the VAT itself

3. Make the payment directly by credit card or by bank transfer

4. Wait for the delivery of the product and the relative invoice, which will also bear the VAT

5. The customer will receive a refund of the VAT paid and to be refunded

How is the VAT refunded?

The re-crediting of VAT takes place, if paid by bank transfer, directly via a bank transfer equal to the VAT on the same IBAN. If you paid by credit card, the money is returned on the same card.

In some cases, Apple also allows you to repair an earlier situation, when this has been made a purchase by a professional without immediately requesting a refund of VAT. It is sufficient to call Apple Business and usually we proceed with the cancellation of the first order and with the subsequent re-issue of the invoice. In this case, for another detail: only if you are registered at the time of purchase can you get a refund of VAT, otherwise you can not do anything.

In short, the procedure is not as immediate and automatic as you would like, but surely professionals will be happy to know that they can save VAT when they buy Apple products online. If you have to buy an Apple product and have a VAT number, the advice is to buy it in a physical store anyway: in all Apple Stores there is normally a Company Team that allows you to manage orders in a very simple way and simplifies this procedure and above all an invoice is made immediately which can be downloaded normally. Much less mess, don't you think?

Finally, remember that those who buy Apple products with VAT number are entitled to a single year of guarantee: perhaps, given all this mess, it pays to buy by paying VAT.

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