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How much does it cost to buy iPhone 5S with Wind? Here is the subscription price


iPhone 5S 16GB officially entered the Wind price list by subscription with All Inclusive Unlimited! Details, cost, price

We are finally here: iPhone 5S officially enters the Wind price list. Let's see how much it costs to buy iPhone 5S by subscription with Wind, the details and information on the offer.

After Tim, Vodafone and 3, Wind also finally starts selling Apple smartphones. The first 16GB iPhone 5S device in the catalog. Let's see how much it costs to buy it by subscription.

Until today Wind has been the only operator who has never sold Apple brand products but things change and the operator starting tomorrow will offer the iPhone 5S together with its subscriptions. Let's see below all the details relating to the All Inclusive Unlimited subscriptions with which the iPhone 5S will be offered.

As widely anticipated a few hours ago,Wind currently offers the option to purchase a 16GB iPhone 5s subscription.

There are two different offers at your disposal to buy iPhone 5S with Wind:

  • All Inclusive Unlimited: 54 per month (34 for the plan + 20 for the iPhone) for unlimited minutes and SMS to everyone, and unlimited Internet Powered 2GB
  • All Inclusive Unlimited Premium:62 per month (44 for the plan + 18 for the iPhone) for unlimited minutes and SMS, 100 minutes abroad, unlimited Internet Powered 2GB. In addition we have 1000 minutes to call and receive when abroad, 1000 SMS and 1GB of internet included.

They seem to me decidedly high figures!

The Phone Included iPhone 5s 16 GB offer valid only for customers who switch to Wind keeping their number and activate an Unlimited plan.There contract term of 30 months.

But the bad news doesn't end there: for the Unlimited plans payment of the Government Concession Tax of € 5.16 / month for private use.

Making a total, therefore, we get:

  • 59 per month for Unlimited
  • 67 per month for Premium.

I would say they are decidedly high prices, don't you think too?

As we told you, for now a single model of iPhone 5S will be sold in the only 16GB cut, we will not see therefore 32GB and 64GB models and not even iPhone 5C.

For those who have theVAT numberprices are 34 per month for All Inclusive Unlimited and 39 per month for Premium. If you switch to Wind there is an additional discount of 5 per month. To these prices we must add the price of the iPhone, which should be 15 or 18. We will know more in the next few hours. These offers are valid until March 23rd.

The promotion valid until 03/23/14 and it applies to all customers with a Subscription or Rechargeable offer from another operator who switch to Wind keeping their number and activate a new SIM subscription with the All Inclusive Unlimited or All Inclusive Unlimited Premium tariff plan. The promotion provides a discount on fees and traffic of 5 per month for 24 months.

With iPhone 5s 16GB it is possible to surf the Wind network in HSDPA, UMTS, EDGE mode. This means that, although liPhone 5s supports LTE networks, it is not possible to take advantage of this technology with the Wind card. The operator is working to update its networks, but currently no LTE network is supported on the Italian territory.

We close the article with particular but interesting information: today, Wind remains an UNOFFICIAL Apple operator, as the agreement to sell the iPhone 5s would have been signed not with the Cupertino executives, but with the Italian device importer. For you, however, nothing really changes.

In my opinion, we are still talking about crazy prices for iPhone 5S. What do you think about it? Just to make a quick comparison, I point out that with the 3 you can take iPhone 5S at 49 per month with infinite minutes, infinite messages and 20GB of internet: I would say that there is no comparison, without forgetting that with 3 you can also choose the model 32 or 64GB.

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