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Google Play no longer informs you when you update apps

During testing, a reduction of informative messages with the elimination of the less important ones, but bugs emerge

google play notifications(Photo: Google)

For many users they are disappear the notifications that inform aboutapplication update made by Google Play. At first it seemed it was a momentary malfunction of the software market for devices with Android operating system.

Several users have reported that notifications have disappeared Reddit (already from version 17.4 of last November until current 17.6.19), but to make the situation clearer, the editorial team of Android Police, who first received a statement from Google. A Mountain View spokesman explained that it is a experiment to lighten the number of notifications received daily, starting from those deemed less useful.

Google Play notifications(Gif: Android Police)

Above a gif that clearly shows how a series of applications is updated and no notifications appear at the end of the process to confirm the execution of the update.

Being informed that a software updated to the latest version is certainly not of paramount importance, but at the same time it can be useful if you set theautomatic update under wi-fi and you want to monitor activity on your smartphone. In addition, a bug also emerged – this time real – for a percentage of users involved in the test.

In addition to noticing the disappearance of post-update notifications, in fact, they also saw those relating to the disappearance availability of an update. An information that, honestly, on the scale from useless to fundamental is placed quite high.

It is very probable that the latter malfunction will be corrected in a short time, while the experiment on notifications could continue, be extended to even more users and perhaps become standard as well as be shelved. Google in fact in continuous testing phase and Play Store only one of the many areas affected by this sort of constant beta phase.


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