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Google Home will battle Amazon Echo waiting for Apple

The arrival of the smart speaker and connected Google Home has already been anticipated, but now also the possible introductory price transpires. It appears that Tuesday, October 4 during the Made by Google press presentation, a launch price of only $ 129 will be announced, according to Android Police. This is a very aggressive price range, in all likelihood chosen by Google to compete with Amazon Echo, the first home speaker with integrated digital assistant, already commercially available in the US for several months, proposed at 180 dollars.

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The expected functions for Google Home closely follow those of Amazon Echo: answering users' questions and requests regarding online searches, weather, traffic, audio playback, also bringing the voice assistant OK Google into the living room. But according to some Google Home it could have an extra inspiration for the smart and connected home, starting from the control of the Nest thermostat and to the other Google owned home devices, up to the possible integration of Google Assistant, the new artificial intelligence platform and machine learning that Big Gi used for the first time, in text form, in the Google Allo smart chat.

So to the success obtained by Amazon Echo, Big G will respond by expanding the functions and (it seems) by reducing the price of Google Home. The battle between the IT giants could extend further into the users' living room: after the smart TV, the era of handyman speakers in which Apple could also participate. Cupertino seems to have already made its smart speaker animated by Siri, ready to manage the home with Home Kit, now in the testing phase, therefore with launch times ranging from 6 months up to 1 year. Apple has never been very interested in arriving first ever, but rather in proposing mature devices, which solve real user problems and easy to use. It will be interesting to observe what Cupertino's answer will be in intelligent speakers, provided that the project is not completed before echo icon 1000