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Goodbye to StarOffice for free?

Goodbye to StarOffice for free? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The era of free StarOffice seems to be near sunset, according to some German sources, in particular Heise OnLine magazine, Sun which has been implementing and developing it since the purchase from the Star Division in 1999, would have decided to charge a fee for using the software. According to marketing director Martin Haerling, quoted by the newspaper, the move would be aimed at raising enough money to guarantee the progress of the suite. If the news was confirmed it would be a turning point in the history of StarOffice. The package, which positions itself as a competitor to Microsoft's Office, has always been free, which has made it a sort of flag both for the defenders of the open source policy and for those who accuse the commercial policy of Microsoft itself, which derives from close and lucrative link between Office and Windows most of its profits. The placement of paid StarOffice would also undermine the credibility of a series of poisonous rounds that Sun fired in the past against the Redmond company according to which the world of industry should pay a "tax" to Microsoft to produce, tax which, according to Sun, could be solved by choosing StarOffice. All to be verified, in this context, would be the reaction of the Linux "people", until yesterday courted by Sun in anti-Microsoft function and who could turn his back on his allies of yesterday without having any direct benefit given the low profits that would derive from the purchases of the package for the platform.The first paid version of StarOffice, the 6.0, should be released during the month of May. The costs would be between 50 and 100 for both the Linux version and the Windows version. The version for Solaris, Sun's operating system, would remain free. At the moment Sun has not confirmed the news on the establishment of a list for StarOffice, limiting itself to saying that at the moment there are no changes on the marketing policy started in the current terms at times of the Internet boom and easy profits for every technology industry. Note that Sun should continue to provide OpenOffice, an Open Source version of StarOffice, for free. The possibilities of porting the suite for Mac OS X reside within the OpenOffice project. According to Sun, which does not provide for the release of StarOffice for Mac, it is now up to the Open Source community to build on the foundations, granted free of charge and free to all, implement the final version. Sun expects the work to be completed by some independent developer.

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