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From wiDom the Z-wave relays made in Italy and the multi-sensor Room Controller Wi-Fi for the Smart Home

The expanding market of the connected house, at the intersection of the Smart Home and the Internet of things, has a very often unknown representative, fundamental for the realization of a real home automation system, and is called a relay or rel and basically the device that must be inserted in the electrical panel or, as we will see, inside the home of the wall switches, to perform a whole series of automated or automatable functions that are at the heart of our daily activity and the organization of a smart home will allow us to manage even in autonomously or interdependently from other actions or to be activated based on the data collected by the sensors that we will have installed.

The relays have two main advantages: they are powered continuously by the electrical network and therefore do not require a more or less frequent battery change and can be hidden, if small in size, in all the "fruits", the electrical boxes of our house that carry sockets and switches.

IMG_0180 "width =" 620 "height =" 355 "srcset =" 1024w, https: //www.macitynet. it / wp-content / uploads / 2016/09 / IMG_0180-480x275.jpg 480w, 1210w "data-lazy-sizes = "(max-width: 620px) 100vw, 620px" src = "" /> The relay with amperometric clamp for control consumption or production</figure>
<p>The main disadvantage, unlike almost all the other components of modern home automation, you cannot install them yourself but you must go to an installer or an electrician who is qualified to work with the bare wires of your system.</p>
<p>There are now about ten companies on the market that design and produce wireless relays with the currently most popular protocol, Z-wave, but among these there is a company that has developed an original and quality product that is being appreciated both in our country and abroad and based in Cagliari.</p>
<h3>Designed and produced in Italy</h3>
<p>Do not be fooled by the name wiDom: behind this abbreviation is a group of Italian engineers and technicians who have focused on expanding the capacity of normal relays <strong>wi</strong>reless dedicated to <strong>Dom</strong>optics to make them more intelligent, powerful and versatile so that they can also be used in combination with other Z-Wave devices in the absence of a gateway.The normal bistable button of your existing lighting system can become an intelligent switch that can invoke related scenes or switch-ons depending on whether you turn it on or off with a single, double, triple click or a long press, a bit like you do with the button on your Smartphone.</p>
<p>wiDom entered the market with a first "tasting" product which was a single relay capable of being programmed as we have reported above. We have been installing it for about two years and tested with several Z-Wave gateways without problems.</p>
<p>The second step of wiDom was to widen the range by producing a variety of solutions for all the uses of relays in a home system: from controlling consumption and managing a load or production (washing machines, dishwashers, boilers, electric radiators on the one hand and photovoltaic system on the other) to manage the roller shutters and shutters to finish the model that allows you to control two different switches within the same fruit, saving installation time, space and money.</p>
<p><figure id=Double Widom relayDouble Widom relay

The wiDom relays, dimmers and roller shutters have a feature that makes them unique in the panorama of z-wave solutions and unattainable by other types of wireless protocols: the very low power consumption that also leads to low working temperatures. It may seem absurd or at least contradictory that the services of the Smart home are used to control energy consumption when then many relays are inserted which at rest have a detectable consumption in the system. To date, the WiDom relays in addition to being the most Smart for versatility they are also the most economical in terms of consumption.

Room Controller

At IFA 2016 wiDdom presented a brand new product both for its unusual shape and for the versatility that distinguishes it: first of all the company's first product to also work in Wi-Fi as well as in Z-wave (and can integrate them also has a series of features which make it unique in the panorama of home automation sensors: it can detect brightness, temperature, humidity and noise and can control both an on-off switch and a roller shutter controller.

widom roomc ontrollerThe brand new Room Controller

The possibilities of use are many and can be controlled directly with an app or integrated into an existing system. Room Controller, this is the name of the device can also work alone to manage a very small home automation system without requiring additional gateways (think of an office with a heater or fan power supply and roller shutter management according to the light, temperature and humidity conditions of the room or combined with a gateway with the parameterization of each room.

widom tabletThe control software on tablets

We leave you, however, to our interview with wiDom during IFA 2016: the engineer Giorgio Galante directly explains the characteristics of the products and shows us the latest realization of the Cagliari company.

For more information on wiDom and its products and their prices, please refer to the official website of the company. You can also buy them on Amazon Italy starting from this page.