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From the USA: iPhone running out of stock

From the USA: iPhone running out of stocks – logomacitynet1200wide 1

New indications of an upcoming launch of the renewed iPhone. This time to give some signal Best Buy, a large US retailer of electronic products that would have announced to its employees the reduction of stocks of the Apple phone.

According to AppleInsider, the source of the news, the note comes directly from the company's headquarters and these hours are arriving at all Best Buy stores. In the document, salespeople would be advised that stocks could drop to the point of being reduced to zero. The event could be the signal of the stop of the distribution of the current models, an indispensable step to replace the 3G model at the level of central warehouses with the new versions.

The news that rebounded from Best Buy had been preceded a few days ago by other similar ones from Australia. In the Pacific country, Brightpoint, a distributor of products for Vodafone, had classified iPhone as 'EOL', or End Of Life, which translated means more or less 'off the list'

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