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Don't have Apple TV? HomeKit uses iPad as a home automation hub on iOS 10

Don't have Apple TV? HomeKit uses iPad as home automation hub on iOS 10 –

Do not need Apple TV to remotely manage a home automation system built with HomeKit peripherals and with iOS 10: from the next version of the operating system Cupertino Homekit uses iPad as a home automation hub … but under certain conditions.

How to manage HomeKit devices when Apple TV is not available? And the question that Apple customers could ask themselves in countries where the small black box with the non-marketed apple and also those who, traveling from one house to another want to manage it even temporarily from a centralized home automation system connected to the web.

The answer will come with iOS 10: according to when confirmed by Apple to SlashGear during WWDC sessions if the user has an iPad always connected to the mains and to the internet: therefore an iPad mini 2 or iPad 4 or higher will be needed and positioning near to a power outlet or perhaps even a battery that powers it when you want to move it inside the house and your child wants to play on the net

homekit uses ipad

A controller and a smart home hub

Obviously an Apple TV is the best choice in terms of cost and positioning stability: an iPod mini 3 has a cost on the used market that is at least double that of a fourth generation Apple TV but for Cupertino new markets open up such as the Chinese one in which the set top box not yet marketed.

Using iPad mini 3 as a fixed or semi-mobile controller however an interesting option for those who create high-level home automation installations and need a control and management surface both with the future Home app but also with third-party apps and in combination with others home automation systems managed by iOS. The accessories to permanently place iPad on a wall of the house or on a table stand have been marketed for some time.

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