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Does the iPhone 5S Touch ID no longer work? Here's how to solve it


Here is the guide to follow if the iPhone 5S Touch ID no longer works

A few days ago Apple released theiOS 7.1 update for iPhone, iPod and iPad.

After performing this update, however, several users have reported the inability to use the Touch ID to recognize your fingerprint and unlock the iPhone 5S. Practically, Touch ID sensor that reads fingerprints on iPhone 5S no longer works. Fortunately, nothing serious happened and the problem was quickly resolved.

Let's see how to fix it Touch ID sensor issue that no longer works on iPhone 5S.

If the Touch ID sensor of your iPhone 5S has also stopped working, here are the steps to follow to restore correct operation.

If the problem occurs after updating to iOS 7.1, rest assured because not hardware but only software. You can still try to follow this guide even if the problem was not related to the update to iOS 7.1: trying does not harm and in the worst case you can not solve it. In this second case, however, it means that your hardware problem and therefore you have to send the phone to service.

Said this, here's how to get the iPhone 5S Touch ID sensor working again.

The easiest way to restore the correct functioning of the iPhone 5S Touch ID that of deleting the footprints registered in the past and re-inserting them from scratch. Here's how to do it.

  • Enter Settings> Touch ID and Code
  • Enter your numeric or alphanumeric password
  • Swipe from right to left to make the Delete key appear at the various saved fingers
  • Finally, click on Add a fingerprint to re-register the access with your own fingers

Most users solve the problem with this system, but if you are not so lucky, then you just have to restore the iPhone (losing for all the data stored in it).

Try both solutions and let us know if you have solved the problem of the Touch ID not working on iPhone 5S.

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