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Corel, goodbye to Open Source

Corel, goodbye to Open Source – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Farewell to Corel's Open Source. The Canadian company has today announced that its division that dealt with Open Source software and, to be precise, with Linux, will close its doors starting next March 1st. The news does not come unexpected. After enthusiastically embracing the Linux world, developing a version of OS based on the Debian Linux, and aggressively pushing the operating system, Corel found itself enveloped in a heavy crisis that minimized its operating margins to the point of making suspect in bankruptcy. The decision to sell the Open Source assets came within a framework that led Microsoft to invest in Corel. The move was seen as an attempt by Microsoft to support a competing company, avoiding possible negative returns from the antitrust authority. Another aspect that was discussed at length was the possibility that Corel would help Microsoft bring the .Net project to FreeBSD, the same one on which Mac OSX is based. Corel had released some important applications for Linux. Among these WorldPerfect and Corel Draw and had also supported the development of Wine, a Windows emulator for Linux.

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