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Cluedo lands inside the iPhone and iPod touch

Cluedo lands inside the iPhone and iPod touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Another classic of board games lands on iPhone and iPod touch. This is Cluedo which is brought to the Apple platform by the ever-active Electronic Arts.

Cluedo for iPhone and iPod touch, (fully localized in Italian and as such very usable by a wide range of audiences) fully reflects the philosophy of the original game from which it borrows game philosophy and characters, even if the game modes are slightly different. The aim is to find out, through an investigation that involves listening to various witnesses to find out who the murderer of a billionaire, found dead in his luxury villa. In the course of the game, rooms can be searched for clues, suspects can be interrogated, and deductive procedures must be used to arrive at the appropriate solution.

Cluedo is played in time: the editor-in-chief who assigns us the task of investigating gives us 45 minutes to reach the solution. The game comes to an end when we think we have enough clues and weapons of murder to accuse one of the suspects, or when the time runs out.

Different levels are available, each of them with different murders. Each case resolves in various ways, therefore, the longevity of Cluedo guaranteed.

For this "digital" version of Cluedo, Electronic Arts has created original characters, exclusive rooms and a customized interface to take advantage of the features of the iPhone and iPod touch controls with the prevalence of a system for dragging objects and scrolling the screen .

The cost of Cluedo of 3.99 euros and download from here

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