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Braava Jet, the iRobot smart scrubber does everything by itself and is controlled via the app

If a few years ago they had told us that we could have controlled a vacuum cleaner or a floor cleaner via a telephone we would not have believed it, yet with the Roomba models and with the new Braava Jet from iRobot the possibility is now reality.

We are in fact faced with an epochal change in the history of house cleaning: not a real revolution, in the sense that probably some types of floor cleaning will do the same by hand, as has always been done, but also true that iRobot products, if used correctly, can provide valuable help and above all increase the general cleaning that, for obvious time limits, in the house we can never do in the right ways and times. This is especially true when there are children, animals, or in general when we leave the house for several days and the dust accumulates, although it is obvious that it also applies to daily cleaning.

Braava iRobot B240_Livingroom1_1500

Brava Jet, the small floor robot

The real novelty of the presentation was the Braava Jet, which basically a small white cube with a movement system in the lower part which, thanks to a jet of water mixed with detergent, and the use of interchangeable cloths, allows you to clean and wash the floor of several rooms in a fully automated way.

Braava Jet offers three cleaning modes, differentiated according to the type of cloth inserted: washing with water removes dust, dirt and stains; the lightest wet wash while the last, dry cleaning, does not use water and is suitable for wooden, tile and stone floors where there is dirt and animal hair.

Braava Jet makes use of an interchangeable battery and wirelessly controllable via a smartphone app, so that we can also program the type of cleaning. The movement of the small autonomous robot, and designed to clean an area of ​​24 square meters with a battery charge: the small dimensions allow it to pass under the furniture and move easily between the legs of the chairs, as well as the sensors to avoid falling from the stairs but at the same time to pass under the curtains.

The cloths are interchangeable and disposable: iRobot provides packets of cloths to be purchased separately.Braava Jet supports the Braava comrade, which has only two cleaning methods (washing, dry cleaning) but not smart, therefore it is only controlled locally.

Roomba, the smart vacuum cleaner that does it all

In addition to the Braava, the Roomba line, made up of four models, made a good impression at the presentation. We especially liked the Roomba 980 model, top of the range, which has really interesting features. In addition to a camera placed below that allows the robot to manage the movements and cleaning of the floor, it also mounts one in the upper part thanks to which it better identifies obstacles and consequently has the possibility to better map the work surface.

Unlike the Braava, Roomba 980 has a rechargeable lithium battery: when the energy is running out, the small robot returns to the base for a new recharge and when complete, it returns to the point where it had interrupted and starts cleaning again.

Roomba 980 also managed via an app, in this case via a Wi-Fi signal, so that it can also be controlled from outside the home, in the office or on the road. All iRobot devices are distributed in Italy by, and available at large appliance chains as well as online. Macitynet will soon be able to test them to give you a more complete report on the effectiveness of these products.