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Bluetooth 5 revolutionizes everything, even without apps and pairing

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Forget all the limits of Bluetooth for distance, speed and operation experienced on the skin of users to date. The announced specifications of Bluetooth 5 anticipate that not only will the current limits as regards speed and signal range soon be exceeded, but finally important news will also arrive regarding the functioning and ability to interact of the devices, finally including the operation. automatically which no longer requires manual coupling.

Mark PowellMark Powell, Bluetooth executive director SIG

As anticipated in recent weeks, the Bluetooth 5 specifications have been officially presented in London. On the performance side we will have a doubling of the speed, a signal coverage up to 4 times higher but above all an increase in the ability to transmit messages and data by 800%. All these improvements, notes the SIG, Special Interest Group, the organization that presides over technology and proposes new standards, are obtained by keeping the same current energy consumption content.

But the ability to extend its range of action and to multiply data transmission 8 times will allow for the first time to manage automation devices and the Internet of Things via Bluetooth 5, not only at home but even beyond the home. Mark Powell, executive director of the SIG, anticipates that a boom of beacon-based applications is already expected, which will be able to send data and communicate with users' devices, not only for advertising and marketing, but also for navigation and information in airports, shopping centers , for the management of items and inventories in the company's warehouses, emergency management, up to the infrastructures for connected smart cities.

bluetooth 5

Thanks to the possibility of Bluetooth 5 to be able to manage even more complete data and messages and in some cases without pairing between the devices or without having to download a dedicated app first, a faster expansion of this technology is expected. The first Bluetooth 5 devices are expected to hit the market between the end of this year and the beginning of 2017.

For years Apple has been a member of the Bluetooth SIG with voting rights and in some cases was among the first manufacturers to implement the new versions of the technology: it will be interesting to see if the iPhones and iPads arriving in the fall will already be equipped with Bluetooth 5, as well as Macs expected to be updated in the coming months.bluetooth-icon "width =" 480 "height =" 480 "srcset =" 480w, https: // 360w, .jpg 420w, 300w, /01/bluetooth-icon-200x200.jpg 200w, 68w, /wp-content/uploads/2016/01/bluetooth-icon.jpg 1024w "data-lazy-sizes =" (max-width: 480px) 100vw, 480px "src =" -Content / uploads / 2016/01 / bluetooth-icon-480x480.jpg "/></p><p></p><!-- WP QUADS Content Ad Plugin v. 1.8.17 --><div class=