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Best Tweak Cydia for iOS 7: Polus, customize the iPhone control center, …


TweakPolus downloadsfrom Cydia for iPhone, iPod and iPad updated to iOS 7 with Jailbreak: customize the control center and add a shortcut for any application

Customize the control center for iPhone, iPod and iPad | Cydia

Here we are at a new appointment with ibest tweaks for Cydia compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Today we are talking about Polus, a new tweak that has just been released for iOS 7.Tweak inquestion allows you to 100% customize the control center of the iPhone, iPod and iPad, adding all the quick shortcuts to reach and immediately start any application installed on your Apple device.Let's see what it offers and how it works.

Without any doubt, the control center introduced by Apple with iOS 7 has been highly appreciated by users, who can now access the main system settings in a really simple and fast way. Too bad that the control center of iOS 7 is not very customizable and, consequently, it is not possible to add links to applications that are not already present, as well as not all the switches that could be useful are present. If you have the jailbreak for your iPhone, iPod and iPad, you can now customize the control center of your Apple device to the maximum thanks to the Polus tweak.

With Polus you can improve the functionality of the control center of the iPhone, iPod and iPad by adding links to many applications installed on your device., Polus a tweak that you can download from Cydia and allows you to customize the control center by adding all the shortcuts you want, of any application you have installed on iPhone, iPod and iPad.

After installingPolus,you will also have the possibility to configure it at its best and you can add all the applications you want to the control center: you only have to choose from the many present in the software list. Of course, you can also choose and customize the order in which the icons are displayed, so that the ones you use most often are shown first: a very interesting feature is the possibility of showing recently opened ones first.

Polus incorporates hundreds of icons that are already associated with the corresponding applications: most of the applications that we will add to the control center will be configured automatically. However, there are also many applications still without an icon and in this case you will have to add one manually, selecting it from the catalog of available icons. If you don't like the default ones, you can download alternative icons from Cydia, where icon packs dedicated to Polus are already available.

In addition to the classic shortcuts to quickly start system applications from the control center, obviously it will also be possible to add commands to activate / deactivate cellular data, 4G, location, etc.

In conclusion, therefore, we can say that Polusis a great tweak for iPhone, iPod and iPad. Surely you play the top step of the podium with FlipControlCenterche has the possibility to customize the buttons in the upper part of the control center and free, while Polus available on the repository ofBigBosspriced at $ 0.99 (approx0.75). Compared to FlipControlCenter, however, Polus allows you to add any App and command.

If you want advice, you can get a perfect solution by joining Polus with CCControls.

Polus a very simple tweak to use, which requires no configuration. Definitely among Cydia's best tweaks without a doubt. Obviously pto use this tweak you need a device updated to iOS 7 and with Jailbreak.

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