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Best alternatives to Flappy Birds for Android, iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad) and Windows Phone


Flappy Birds withdrawn from online stores! Here are the best alternatives to Flappy Birds for Android, iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad) and Windows Phone

Are you downed for the removal of Flappy Bird? Here are all the alternatives for Android, Windows Phone and iOS

As we reported earlier, the game Flappy Birds has been removed by its developer from the stores for Apple and Android.

The Flappy Birds game had become a real drug for many users(including myself, I admit it), while others have never had the pleasure of trying it before it was canceled from the App Store and the Google Play Store. Just to make you understand the extent of the phenomenon, the game has exceeded 50 million downloads between the Apple and Android stores, guaranteeing its developer a daily earnings of $ 50,000 thanks to advertisements within the game.

Flappy Wings not Flappy Bird Android App on Google Play 600x314 Flappy Wings: the number one alternative to Flappy Bird games play store google play store

In conclusion, this Flappy Birds was a very appreciated title by users: it was simple, immediate, free and very, very fun. Surely the perfect game to use on any smartphone and tablet in times of boredom.

If you have not had the pleasure of trying Flappy Birds on your Android, iOS or Windows Phone device, today to point out the very good alternatives that will allow you to have fun with your smartphone or tabletThe games that I point out below, in fact, are almost completely identical to the popular Flappy Birds, from which they differ in very few elements (graphics, subjects and little more).

In conclusion, the original Flappy Birds has been removed from the Play Store and the App Store and it can no longer be downloaded and installed, but don't despair, because alternatives are not lacking, including those completely identical to the real Flappy Birds.

If you haven't tried Floppy Birds yet, you probably don't know that the game featured a graphic that reminded a lot of Nintendo's first Super Mario The aim of the game was really simple: the user had to pass an awkward bird through tubes by "tapping" the display several times with his finger; if the bird touched these pipes during the flight, it would die and it was necessary to start the level again.

As mentioned, to be able to pass the bird between the pipes in Flappy Birds, it is sufficient to touch the screen to keep the protagonist at the right height and then pass it between the pipes. The idea and the game scheme are really simple and immediate and certainly no particular skill was required, but I assure you that to be able to overcome even the first tube I took almost 10 minutes. And, now that I have a few hours of play behind me, I have only passed 26 pipes (add me on Google+ if you want, I'm Riccardo Conti).

In short, qhisFlappy Birds is a game as simple as it is addicting: Once you enter the vortex, you never leave it again. A pity that Flappy Birds can no longer be downloaded, but fortunately there are plenty of alternatives.

Returning to us, in fact,let's see what are the best alternatives to the game Flappy Birds for iPhone, iPod, iPad, Windows Phone and Android.For those who have not been able to download Flappy Bird, and for all those who want to try alternatives, today we offer a list of real original clones.

The games we show you are clones of Flappy Birds and like this they can be downloaded for free from the respective Apple and / or Android and Windows Phone stores. The alternative games to Flappy Birds are really many and all for free. You choose which one to download.

Top alternatives to Flappy Birds for Android

Flappy Pig (Android)

Clone of Flappy Birds from the pleasant in which the protagonist is a strange pig with wings. The gameplay obviously the same as the original with a slightly lower level of difficulty.

Flappy-Pig "src =" "width =" 300 "height =" 168 "/></p><p style=Badge-Google-Play "src =" "width =" 235 "height =" 71 "/></p><h3 style=Fartie Bird (Android)

It is another clone, in which our cute little bird will jump thanks to the flatulence emitted every time you touch the screen to keep it in the air. Certainly very nice.

At the moment, however,Fartie Birdno longer appears to be available on the Play Store.

Fartie-Bird "src =" "width =" 300 "height =" 168 "/></p><p style=Badge-Google-Play "src =" "width =" 235 "height =" 71 "/></p><h3 style=Flappy Bird Bat Version (Android)

Instead of the clumsy official character, you will now have a bat trapped inside a cave, while the obstacles are stalactites and stalagmites. The game also uses the Google Play Games service for leaderboards and achievements.

Flappy-Bird "src =" "width =" 300 "height =" 257 "/></p><p style=Badge-Google-Play "src =" "width =" 235 "height =" 71 "/></p><h3 style=Flappy Wings (Android)

This game retains the same 8-bit graphics from the original, but the flying creature resembles that of Tiny Wings. The game mode is almost identical to Flappy Birds: you will have to fly a bird between some pipes without touching them because when you do it it will fall to the ground and the game will end immediately.

Flappy Wings, just like its predecessor is a fun game to be used in the few minutes of free time available. You will not have levels to reach or missions to pass. However, the app is not trivial because it is not easy to overcome the various tubes, because you will have to plug the screen to bounce the little bird between the various tubes.

Flappy-Wings "src =" "width =" 300 "height =" 193 "/><span style=

Badge-Google-Play "src =" "width =" 235 "height =" 71 "/></p><h2><span id=Top alternatives to Flappy Birds for Windows Phone

Flappy Fish (Android, Windows Phone)

Slightly more difficult than the original, this variant sees a little fish as the protagonist. Instead of having to move it upwards with the tap, we will have to make it go down avoiding obstacles. Same game, but with slightly different physical laws.

Flappy-Fish "src =" "width =" 300 "height =" 193 "/></p><p style=Badge-Google-Play "src =" "width =" 235 "height =" 71 "/></p><p style=Badge-Windows-Phone "src =" "width =" 235 "height =" 71 "/></p><h2><span id=Best alternatives to Flappy Birds for Android, iOS (iPod, iPhone, iPad) and Windows Phone

If you have an iPhone, iPod and iPad with iOS operating system, instead, find the alternatives here:

Best alternatives to Flappy Birds for PC, Windows, Mac, internet browsers

If you want to play instead Flappy Birds on Windows PC or Mac, you can try this.

Flappy Bird Flash Flappy Bird as it is but in flash version to play online with the computer; instead of taps on the touch screen, here to fly the bird you have to use the left mouse click. It doesn't change the difficulty at all.

You can always play onlineFlappy Fishin HTML5, almost identical to Flappy Bird but who has a little fish as the protagonist, much easier to manage.

Have you tried some of these clones? Are they better than the original?

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