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Becoming an iPhone / touch programmer: new courses in Turin

Becoming an iPhone / touch programmer: new courses in Turin – logomacitynet1200wide 1

A new cycle of training courses that from scratch allows you to become iPhone and touch programmers: it will take place in Turin in collaboration with the European Academic Consortium, Accredited Training Agency from the Piedmont Region. To participate in the course, even if not considered mandatory, knowledge of the basics of programming and basic knowledge of the Mac OS X environment: previous experience or basic knowledge of C represent an advantage.

The topics covered during the course include: introduction to object-oriented programming, class concepts, inheritance and composition, introduction to the iPhone SDK and the XCode environment, Objective C language, overview of the Foundation Kit and much more. For the complete list, refer to the official website of the course. The duration of the course of 100 hours, the lessons will take place from June Turin in the classrooms of the headquarters of the European Academic Consortium in Corso Unione Sovietica 373. Participation costs are 1,500 euros including VAT for the full fee and 1,000 euros VAT included for the student rate.

For more information on the course, you can fill out the online form or write an email to the address (email protected)

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